School DanceStep back in time to the eighties and relive the nightmare of the School Dance…

If you love eighties music, have a penchant for John Hughes film and enjoy flights of fancy and over the top physical comedy than actor turned writer turned director Matthew Whittet’s new play School Dance will be right up your alley.

This production, directed by Whittet and Rosemary Myers makes ample use of Whittet’s gift for slapstick physicality and pairs him with an equally talented ensemble of actors who each wear multiple hats – Jonathan Oxlade is also the set designer, Luke Smiles the composer and Amber McMahon dons several personas to bring Whittet’s script alive (she should win an award for her costume changes alone).

As for the story- the play takes place on the night of the school dance, Whittet’s character,  Matthew, yearns to ask the school’s most popular girl to dance but instead finds himself struck down by a case of invisibility… As Matthew and his friends Luke and Jonathan search for a solution to bring him back to sight, the audience is treated to a series of increasingly comedic moments.

Driven along by a fantastic eighties soundtrack (classic eighties moment – the BMX scene) the play serves up a series of silly set pieces that leave the audience in stitches.

Whittet is in his element with this play, bringing all his physical comedy talents to bear. Jonathan Oxlade delivers irreverent dance moves and wonderful comedy timing and Luke Smiles, all long locks and attitude, makes a wonderfully funky sidekick. Hats off though to Amber McMahon who juggles multiple characters with absolute aplomb.

While lacking the dark edge of Whittet’s previous effort, Silver, there is still plenty to recommend School Dance and anyone who grew up in the eighties or has a fondness for the era will get a kick out of this hilarious production.