Kimberley Dark returns to Sydney for one night only
Kimberley Dark

Good Fortune is the culmination of Kimberly Dark’s 15 years of performance experience.

In an age when many personal choices are limited and our lives can feel like sitting in a dark theatre just waiting to see what happens on stage – here’s something different.  Really? We should actually pay attention to who else is in the theatre?  Yes, we should trust our intuition to choose what happens next…

Dark has created a performance event based on her award-winning live storytelling shows through collaboration with six amazing visual artists.  Forty-six art images form a ‘tarot deck’ from which the audience chooses the show.  Each image corresponds with a provocative poem or story from Dark’s 15-year repertoire in performance and print.

Depending on what’s chosen, the audience may hear stories from Dark’s new work, currently touring shows, or audience favourites from performances that have been retired.  The cards’ selection, arrangement, and impromptu interpretation ensure that every show is unique.  The deck consists of the ‘suits’ most common in Dark’s work: Love, Sex, Politics, and Power.   The trump suit is The All.

Kimberly Dark has been writing, winning theatre awards and touring internationally for fifteen years.  She is the author of five award-winning solo performance scripts, and her poetry and prose appear in a number of publications.

“I don’t treat the audience like they’re stupid.” Says Dark. “People can handle complexity and still have a good time.  In fact, we crave complexity.  Sure, my shows are funny, but there are a lot of possible pleasures in live theatre – discovery, laughter, catharsis, intellectual stimulation, erotic turn-on, emotional connection and more.  I’m going for as much pleasure as we can stand – and in this show, I get to be surprised too because the audience leads the way.”