Five feminist comrades take to bed one messy weekend and find out just how political the personal is.

An all-woman cast brings this heart-warming dyke dramedy to life for a night of laughter, love, and solidarity.
Making its Brisbane premiere after a critically acclaimed debut season in Sydney; The Bed Party is a window into lesbian life as you’ve never seen it before.

When Jasmine and Finn finally make it to bed at the end of a long Saturday night, their bed is about to see more action than either of them anticipated. Tara, their housemate and Jasmine’s best friend (and ex-girlfriend) seek refuge after a stressful evening. Ex-housemate Bri, (who still has a key) is in need of a place to stay after leaving her partner. Current housemate George joins them, giddy after a promising first date.

These friends are family and they share everything (except maybe toothbrushes). They explore ideas, dreams, hopes, politics, passions and philosophy, front on. And they have each other’s backs. This weekend, friendships are tested by untold truths and their idyllic sharehouse threatens to unravel…

When is the right time to tell someone you love them?

Is omission lying?

Can relationships survive ideological differences?

When do you know something is over?

Seasons Dates:

October 12-28th

Preview: 12th October

Opening: 13th October


Wed-Sat 7.30 pm
Saturday 14th 2pm & 730pm

Tickets $45/$38 Bed Party | PIP Theatre