Get steam punk'd with Circus OzPerformer/musician Bec Matthews shares with us her life in the circus.

Did you come from a theatrical family? 

Not particularly; unless you count the theatrical antics seen on the sporting field or in the rituals and eccentricities of the church.

My brothers and I all enjoyed drama at school and my two elder brothers and I members of a local theatre company. My grandfather was a drummer which definitely influenced me to pursue this instrument.

What’s your earliest theatrical memory?

My first memory as an audience member was Franciscus Henri performing at my kindergarten. My first memory as a performer was being selected as one of the narrators in grade one for an interschool performing arts event. I think it might have been The Velveteen Rabbit.

Do you remember the first circus act you saw? What was it and what did you love about it?

I saw the Moscow Circus with one of my friend’s family; prior to this I had only seen old film-reviewss set in the circus such as The Greatest Show On Earth. When I saw the Moscow Circus I remember being amazed at the extraordinary physical possibilities of the human body. I recall thinking that the show would have been just as good if not better without the animals as I felt sorry for them most of the time.

When did you decide to runaway with the circus?

I didn’t really decide to runaway with the circus it was more the circus came and found me. I have always been interested in physical theatre and have had a desire to be a musician with a dance troupe, circus or physical theatre company. My first hands on experience with circus was with the Women’s Circus in Footscray in 2005. I continued my relationship with them as a musical director up until joining Circus Oz in 2010

Tell us about the theme for the new show, how would you describe the essence of Steampowered?

The theme for the show is steampunk. The wonderful costumes and set are a mix between Victoriana and industrial technology. This asthectic and the way the show has been crafted allows the audience to escape into a fantasy world; what the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.

What do you hope the audience takes away from their night under the big top?

Huge smiles and a belief that anything is possible.

 Five words to sum up Circus Oz

Multi skilled, irreverent, larrikin, funny, raw.