Yana Alana blue costumeJoin LOTL as we explore the dark and delicious side of comedic performer Sarah Ward in her latest show, Between the Cracks

Sarah unleashes onto a ravenous audience her flamboyant, politically charged and delightfully narcissistic alter ego, Yana Alana.

Sarah Ward:

What can we expect to find between the cracks?

Things that have been missing for some time, like my other earring.

So tell us about your costume, and tell us more about the lack of costume.

The first song of the show is called ‘I’m Blue’, so of course it made sense to cover myself in blue body paint for the entire show. The blue, interpreted literally, is about being naked, exposed, vulnerable as well as down and out.

Does Yana Alana like lesbians?

Yana Alana doesn’t like anyone. She’s been with men and women and blames both for never giving her an orgasm.

Yana is very political in her shows as a chanteuse. How do you feel about the fact that the Australian federal government has yet to legalise gay marriage?

It’s not surprising given that Australian politics now stands so far to the right that the left is where the right used to be, thus our country has lost its direction. No wonder we’re going backwards.

Does Yana ever come through when you’re out in public or at a dinner party?

I keep Yana quite separate from me. However, she emerges sometimes, mainly when a new phrase or term just pops out of my mouth. My partner Bec sometimes laughs at something I’ve said and convinces me to put it in the show.

Yana Alana:

So Yana, what turns you on?

Myself and food. So I on a platter would be my ultimate fantasy.

Would you compare yourself to Liza Minnelli or Marilyn Monroe?

Of course not, they would compare themselves to me.

What would you say to all those women out there who are insecure about their bodies, especially what’s between their cracks?

Life is like a box, some are big, some are small, some are short, some are tall, some are white, some are brown, some are thin and some are round. You’ve got to love the package you were born with!

If you were to write a song to all the lovely LOTL readers, what would it be titled?

I’m eating out tonight.

Who would you like to perform naked with you?

If I had my choice, one day I’d like to perform with the whole audience naked.

Finally, if I asked you to tattoo your name on my breast, what would you say?

I’d rather my name on your arse.