Feminazi is the first play programmed for Belvoir 25A’s 2023 season as part of Belvoir’s Sydney World Pride season.

Feminazi by Laneikka Denne will be performed in the downstairs theatre of Belvoir, while Blessed Union by Maeve Marsden will be performed on the main stage. Belvoir’s Sydney World Pride programming will make Sydney Theatre History by programming two lesbian-led as their only Mardi Gras plays.

The play sparked from an Instagram post the playwright saw online posing the question: can a non-binary person be a lesbian?

“I was enraged at first that this was even a question, but then I started to think about queer and misogynistic bias I have within myself as a lesbian… and it sort of unravelled into this question about societies obsessed with invalidating others even if they belong to the same identity group as ourselves.”

FEMINAZI follows a self-proclaimed ‘Feminazi’ as she sets out to kill every man in the world, which results in an identity crisis.

The play is a part digital, part theatre performance that asks the audience to understand the constructs of gender and ingrained homophobia within our queer world and reflect on queer guilt, inherent misogyny and homophobia within self. It is a show about queer pride for those who are not generally represented as pride; non-binary lesbians.

FEMINAZI will run from February 22nd till March 11th.

You can find more information at https://belvoir.com.au/productions/feminazi/