Scene from As You Like It
Scene from As You Like It

A much-loved comedy by William Shakespeare

Rosalind and Orlando are exiled to the forest of Arden after falling in love, and become entangled in a beguiling game of love, lust and mistaken identity; a world where gender roles, nature and politics are confused.

Disguise, disappearance, wrestling, clowns, a whole lot of sheep and a smokin’ jazz trio will transport audiences of all ages through a glitter-dusted, cross-dressed comedy of wit, recklessness and romance in Siren Theatre Co.’s upcoming production of As You Like It.

Featuring a stellar Sydney cast lead by Shauntelle Benjamin (The Murder Room BBC, Harry Potter Warner Bros) and Julian Curtis (Gallipoli, Embers STC, Shakespeare’s R&J Riverside) as Rosalind and Orlando, As You Like It is a play that explores how bewildering and pleasurable life can be.

Live music lead by Daryl Wallis (Women of Troy STC, Man from Muckinuppin’ Company B) will feature the jazz stylings of singer Ali Hughes (The Royal Seed Sydney Opera House, Cohen Koans New York Fringe 2011) supports the action of the play and creates an Arden that is full of musical and magical surprises.