outstanding compNot to be deterred by these strange times of Covid 19, OutStanding Short Story Competition  2020 will be going ahead as usual, albeit on line  and via Zoom meetings!

The Comp was launched on 14 June on OutStanding’s facebook  page by Alex Greenwich, Independent Member for Sydney, and long time patron and supporter of this annual event.

The Theme this year is Reconnection.

The Theme can be interpreted in any way, but the OutStanding Committee felt it was a timely and topical theme for this year, considering all we have been through in the first part of this year.

The Competition is open to queer writers Australia wide, and attracts writers from all States and Territories, also  a wide  range of ages  and cultural backgrounds. Our Youth Prize has been awarded to Year Twelve students on several occasions. Lesbians always  feature strongly in the awards list across all age groups, and usually make up about half of the entries.

Judges, Robert Tait, Gail Hewison, and Sophie Robinson will be looking for 750 words of super quality writing that will make them laugh, cry, and marvel at the talent in our brilliant rainbow community.

The judges and organizing committee say they enjoy the Competition as much as the writers.

 “We  can’t wait to see what comes in between now and 1st Sept closing date” said Robert. “Best time of the year and awesome theme” said one  keen writer, all ready to go!

As well as the three judges, the committee is made up of Nikki Baker Bryson, fund raiser extraordinaire and events organizer,  Stafford Hamilton, our technical advisor and web master, and Aquila Wolf-Wild, our Systems Designer…best queer team ever !!

“We love working together for our community of writers, and we are so proud of them”.

Winning stories from past years can be read…and heard…on OutStanding webpage.

Check out the Rules, and How To Enter details on www.outstandingstories.net