Lesbians received some of the top prizes of the competition.

The OutStanding LGBTIQ Short Story Competition for 2014 came to an end recently with their Awards Night. Lesbians did really well in the competition with Diana King taking out 2nd Prize, Madeleine Shaw taking out 3rd, and Emma Ashmere being listed as Highly Commended.

The annual competition provides a safe and supportive environment for both emerging and established writers to share their stories. The theme for 2014 was ‘On the Edge’ and 107 stories were received this year, breaking all records. Entries range from the triumph and joy, to the pain and difficulty, of alternate sexuality. They might be humorous or sad, sweet or bitter, outrageous or introspective.

Gail Hewison, one of the judges, stated that the standard was superb and it was extremely difficult to choose the winning stories. This Short Story Competition event is turning into something really important for the LGBTIQ community, allowing individuals to keep telling their unique stories.

Visit their website and read the winning stores here.  

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