Pop Princess Polartropica
Pop Princess Polartropica

Entitled ‘Another Life’ the video depicts how true love has no boundaries, told in the narrative of the movie Grease, but in the modern-day and defying gender norms.

The captivating visuals tell the well-known story of our favourite 70’s movie Grease but through a modern-day lens. The cinematic visuals defy gender norms and emphasize how love is love and there are no boundaries.

Polartropica’s music has been described as intergalactic space-pop, which integrates elements of the ’90s, as well as stunning classical arrangements. The Taiwanese born, Los Angeles based musician talks to us exclusively about coming out, the inspiration behind the video and her multi-cultural upbringing.

To start off, can you tell us you’re coming out story?

I came out on my birthday in February in front of my closest friends during our set at the annual Love Is Gay show at The Echo – which was a benefit for the Los Angeles LGBT Center that Lucy & La Mer hosts every year.  I had written a public post about it earlier in the week, and honestly, it was the best thing I ever did.  A couple of my close friends already knew but there was such an outpouring of love, support, and folks that told me that my coming out inspired them to come out to their close friends and family!  Best birthday ever 🙂


We love your take on Grease for your latest music video for the song “Another Life”.  What inspired you to create a gay Grease video?

I was watching the film with some friends last summer, it really brought me back to summertime and teenage days! Even though I loved the music and spirit of the musical – we all realized how sexist and gender normative it was – which makes sense for the time it was made in but we joked about how fun it would be if we remade it into a ‘gay’ grease and also explore things like, why can’t there be a femme T-Bird, because there are definitely so many badass femme car mechanics that exist and other ways to break down outdated gender barriers to make something representative of our reality but also a bit fantastical at the same time.

“Another Life” is off of your upcoming album, can you tell us more about the new release?

At the end of summer, we’ll be releasing a full-length 10-track record titled ‘Dreams Come True that I recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my producer/engineer/friend CM Rodriguez!  It is going to be a magical adventure for everyone!

 So you’re Taiwanese yet raised in California, how has this meld of cultures influenced your musical style?

I grew up mostly on 90’s rock and pop culture of California, meshed with my parents listening to The Carpenters, BeeGees,  Celine Dion and classic Chinese pop that my mom listened to.  I also love movie soundtracks!! Even if it’s not intentional, and the music that I listen to currently is very different,  I feel like those influences do seep into my compositions from time to time.

What’s next for Polartropica?

We are finishing up the next two parts of our TRILOGY short film, which Another Life was PART 1 of!!   We’re also getting ready for a dreamy immersive release party for the album later this summer in Los Angeles.  This fall in late September, Lucy & La Mer and I will be touring in the UK for Bi Pride.