The Origin of the UndercutYou are never going to believe who’s behind this baddie lesbian doo!

Ever wonder who invented the “Undercut”? The “Undercut”, a fundamental staple in lesbian coif. We all know it and love it, not only for it’s edginess but for it’s ability to help us identify queer ladies out in the wild. One of my favourite jokes is: “What do you call a straight girl with an undercut?…A liar”. Hahah Never gets old! Not only is it funny, but fiercely accurate!

But where did it come from? Who invented this edgy doo that has caught on with lesbians everywhere like attractive sperm donors? Not Britney Bitch! It was the one and only legendary Sandra Denton aka Pepa of the all time greatest female hip hop group to EVER rock a mic, Salt and Peppa.

When I learned this fact this past weekend, my childhood suddenly made so much more sense. I remember a solid years spent rollerblading and trying to keep my diskman from skipping over my favourite verses of Salt and Pepa’s 1993 release Very Necessary. I would rollerblade around my neighbourhood delivering newspapers muttering every lyric like rap obsessed schizophrenic. I’m not sure my trustee yellow diskman ever played another CD. Why was my freckle faced self so obsessed with Salt and Pepa? Why did the that whole album just make me want to “Shoop”?

I’ll tell you why my friends, because I am obviously a MUCH gayer lady than I originally imagined. I thought my queerness started grade 8ish when I just wanted to play softball and slow dance to Live with my best friend. Clearly there were signs before then. One of which included some childhood years spent looking at a rolling stones poster of Pepa, Salt and Spin rocking a mean undercut on the back of my bedroom door. We all know, you only put the posters of who you think is REALLY hot behind your bedroom door so no one will know.

So obvi’s Gaga’s lyric “Baby I was born this way” applies here. Guess now I know, and “knowing is half the battle” according to GI Joe. I mean apart from that as an infant I used to try to weasel my way into the cleavage of every woman who held me.Which is pretty much EXACTLY like my university years. So I think it’s pretty was clear I was also a very literal baby dyke.

Ok enough of my homo psychoanalysis. Obviously Pepa is incredibly cool, but how did she invent THE “Undercut”? Well legend has it. Actually fact has it, because I read this on the internet and we all know everything on the internet is real. Including Kylie Jenners lips. One long December night, Pepa accidentally burnt off one side of her hair with relaxer. That night lezzies the “Undercut” was born. Hey when life gives you a beauty mishap you either shave off the other eyebrow or you own it. Pepa didn’t need to shave off the other side, she knew like with “Push It” she had a hit on her hands. That same month Salt and Spin followed suit and a style was born. A hair cut so badass, it’s become a political statement and homing signal for lesbians everywhere decades later.

So raise your glasses. “To Sandra Denton aka Pepa for inventing the edgiest, baddest hair cut around. Helping us all pick up, find each other and ourselves since 1993!”