A little piece on Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I believe in reading the signs that the universe reveals to you. I wasn’t sure what to write about this month, so when my girlfriend Lacey invited some friends over and I met a girl who was a beauty fanatic. I decided to read that sign loud and clear.

Jennifer Crowley works as a flight attendant for American Airlines. But she also just became a Mary Kay rep. Now, I have to tell you, I had reservations about the Pink Army prior to this. I live in Dallas, TX, home to Mary Kay cosmetics.

I had little personal experience with the brand until now. But I have always found the party-style marketing and the pink packaging a little off-putting. Until now. Shame on me for judging this book by its cover.

Dressed all in black and impeccably made up, Jennifer flitted into my girlfriend’s markedly industrial loft, a sharp and lovely contrast. Lacey’s Golden Retriever snoozed at the end of the divan as we all watched Jennifer set out her lotions and potions, all the while sharing her story.

Jennifer has been flying for a little over a year. She poke to another flight attendant about making more money without flying so much, which can cause a girl to have no life of her own.

The flight attendant was a Mary Kay representative and Jennifer’s own background is in beauty. She did make-up in a salon for five years, even did Conan O’Brien’s make-up once! “I sat there with a new sense of fire inside,” Jennifer says about that moment.

“The day I signed up I flew for seven days straight. I literally haven’t stopped doing both jobs since I started. My first appointment was a fellow flight attendant and now she’s hosting a party for me.”

The appointment was a like what I remember from my little girl slumber party days. Jennifer showed me how to used all of the products and I tested them out while she cooed and complimented and cheered me on. I have to say, it’s a pretty darn good way to start out your day.

I tried out the anti-aging miracle set, which includes the 3 in 1 cleanser (cleanses, exfoliates, and tones), day solution, night solution, and moisturizer.

The cleanser has little beads in it, which feel really yummy but not too many as to make you feel like you’re scraping your face off. And the solution and the moisturizer both felt really light yet skin quenching. Both their make-up and skin care is differentiated between normal to dry or combination to oily, which likely explains why the products felt like a good fit for my skin.

I think my favorite product was the satin lips, which includes a lip mask and a lip balm. It’s amazing what happens when you exfoliate your lips before moisturizing them. Chapped lips are the bane of my beauty existence and this system was an instant and day-long lasting miracle cure for me.

I also checked out their firming eye cream from the Miracle set, as well their Volu-fill Deep Wrinkle Filler. I hate to think that I need either. But I do and they did some really good filling, no needles required!

As for make-up, I put on the foundation primer also with sunscreen, then foundation (she figured out my color by having me stripe my face with several colors from check to chin), gel blush, lash primer, cream eye shadow, mascara, and True Dimensions lip stick in a color called Natural Beauty.

I’m no make-up whiz. If it’s for daywear and I’m going to do it myself, it has to be quick, easy, and fool-proof. It also has to feel like I don’t have anything on my face.

Mary Kay passed with flying colors on all fronts. I felt put together but not made-up and the application was a true no-brainer.

The appointment ended with the MK’s signature Satin hands – fragrance-free hand softener (it’s super thick, and you can use on feet, elbows, etc.), peach smoothie hand scrub (a super exfoliater but not crazy harsh), and peach hand cream (comes in fragrance-free or peach). My hands – like my lips – felt crazy soft. Something I would love to have all the time.

Jennifer won me over. I felt ashamed for dismissing MK when I knew so little about it. And the truth is, I really dig their products and although I can’t speak to other reps, if they are anything like Jennifer, the experience of trying out the products is actually really fun and a serious confidence booster.

If you already know a MK rep, you can get any of the products I mentioned for them. Or, Jennifer is happy to oblige if you need a rep. Happy pampering!

Or you can call (210-430-0030) or email ([email protected]) Jennifer.