Katie and Krisandra with 5yo Tilly
Katie and Krisandra with 5yo Tilly

Krisandra and Katie met in Denver, Colorado at one of Katie’s art openings

Names: Katie Lambert (51), Krisandra Knight (48) & Tilly (5)
Location: Sydney, NSW
Pronouns: ALL: she/her,
Katie: Communications Coordinator Lesbians Incorporated, Visual Creative & Mom
Krisandra: Head of Sales Operations, Maersk & Mom
Status: Married

Katie & Krisandra have been lucky to live and work in a few different countries.

After meeting in Denver, Krisandra, who was born & raised in Florida, and Katie who grew up in Colorado, moved to the UK in 2003.

Living in the UK for 6 years. Krisandra and Katie got married in 2008 after the UK legalised same-sex marriage.

From there, the pair moved to Denmark for 3 years before settling in Sydney in 2012.

Krisandra gave birth to Tilly 5 years ago, they enjoy being part of the LGBTQ+ community.


Through Rainbow Family meet-ups, volunteering with lesbian groups and participating in Queers of Joy.

They can often be found amongst the crowds of a support rally or a local playground enjoying the sunny Sydney life.

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