Mardi Gras Volunteer Spotlight
Set designer Georgia Hopkins

Interview with REVOLVER set designer Georgia Hopkins

Mardi Gras Role: Set Designer for REVOLVER

Age: A lady never reveals her age…

Occupation: I recently graduated from the design course at NIDA and am now a designer for theatre, film and events

Design influences: The REVOLVER design was explicitly influenced by many different design styles. I spent a lot of time researching the Vaudeville stages of the early 1900s and trying to find a way to combine them with the elaborate aesthetic of early 00’s hip hop. It wasn’t the simplest of tasks…

Why did you choose to volunteer for Mardi Gras?

Girls, if you want to meet girls, volunteer for Mardi Gras! But really, I have never had a strong network of gay people in my life, which I always found quite isolating. As soon as I volunteered for Mardi Gras, I was introduced to this community of men and women who have treated me like family ever since. I now feel like a part of the gay community in Sydney like I never did before.


What can we expect at REVOLVER?

A lot of love in the air! There will be some incredible women doing some amazing things as our audience members look on from the comfort of their dimly lit tables. You should come on if you want to support gay women and our love for one another.

Have you enjoyed working for Mardi Gras?

Working for Mardi Gras has been fantastic. The excitement builds as the events get closer and closer. Before you know it, you’re enjoying the show and watching some exceptionally talented women perform on the stage you designed! It is such a thrill.