flatlay-main-image-curveWe’re over the rainbow about these designs…

If you like cute, positive, and colourful things combined with feminist and queer messages, you might just like riotcakes.

Darcy Quinn, owner, designer and founder of riotcakes, describes themselves as a, “queer, introverted, anxious, feminist nerd doing their best to spread positivity and show that there’s good worth fighting for.”

Riotcakes’ first claim to fame were its feminist sloths, shared widely across the internet including popular sites such as BuzzFeed. Since then, riotcakes has continued to create items focussing on feminist and queer themes to help make the world a brighter place.

Their items range from stationery to accessories, including most recently their Pride Sloths and Radical Creatures collections.

The Radical Creatures are cute animals combined with political statements in a collection that riotcakes plans to expand regularly with more messages – and many more animals.








Darcy, with their company riotcakes, works to include and support all the identities belonging to the ever-growing community.

On their website they explain, “I focus on the topics where I can make the most impact. Everyone has the capacity to do good inside of them and I strive to make my business the place where people can always find some positivity, validation and empowerment“.

If you’re looking for cute merch this Pride season, look no further than riotcakes.