Trans Rights Campaign #GiveItARest Extremely Popular#GiveItARest goes viral across America.

The lesbian app HER launched a new trans rights campaign last month.

#GiveItARest was launched in response to both North Carolina and Mississippi passing anti-LGBT laws. North Carolina’s notorious HB2 regulates transgender bathroom access.

The campaign initiative gives away gender-neutral stickers free of charge to anyone that requests the stickers online. This allows the LGBTQ community to take matters into their own hands by placing the stickers on local public restrooms to create a gender-neutral option for transgender and non-binary people.

One user of HER, 26-year-old Jenelle from Virginia said, “About once a month at least one woman reminds me ‘Um, this is the women’s room’.  I’m tired of this; we should all feel safe and comfortable using the damn bathroom.”

The initiative has already had demand 20 times more than the original expectations.  The company only produced a few hundred stickers originally. With over 8,000 people across America have already requested stickers, more and more people are ordering stickers from abroad, including Canada and Brazil.

Founder and CEO Robyn Exton said when they created the campaign they did not expect or plan for this massive of a response.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the demand from our user base to help this cause,” Exton stated.

Due to such high demand, the first batch of stickers ran out quickly but there are currently stickers being produced and shipped to keep spreading the word.

“As an LGBTQ company, we do all we can to protect the members of our community and make sure they have equal rights. We’re going to continue printing the stickers. Hopefully, everyone that orders will receive them and create a gender-neutral restroom—from small hometowns to Manhattan.”

HER has multiple initiatives to encourage the acceptance of different gender identities within the LGBTQ community. A recent update included “gender options” in the profile section. While this is an optional field, there are over 20 options, including trans, genderqueer, and intersex.

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