Lesbian-EmojisThe best way to express your lesbian needs and desire for fish tacos to the world.

Until the beginning of 2015 gay ladies have been hard-pressed to find an emoji that communicates who they are or what they want in the world. The extant sushi emojis — and whatever that purple squash thing is — can only convey so much to the person you’re flirting with on text.

But, thanks to Kimberly Linn, an associate creative director at L.A. agency Pitch, lesbians do not need to grasp strange fruit any longer.

She created the app Lesbian Emojis, which is free for download on iTunes. All the classic metaphors — from the fish taco to the scissor — have been rendered into cutesy, emoji form. There are even some staple images from lesbian culture, too, like Home Depot, a Tegan and Sara CD, and an L Word DVD. Lesbians, rejoice—you can now send your girlfriend a phenomenal missive comparable to those sent by Shoshanna to Ray on Girls.

Lesbians, you love free things. And you love technology. Now you can become a real charmer with a few twiddles of your thumbs.