Conscience VoteThe rally was to continue to put political pressure on parliament to legalise same sex marriage, but with the recent events the rally was also a memorial.

Cat Rose and Patrick Wright, co-conveners of the group Community Action Against Homophobia organised this event to demand marriage rights.

On Saturday, November 26 at 1 pm, in front of Town Hall in downtown Sydney, a group of Equal Rights Activist along with supporters of the LGBTI  Community gave a moment of silence for Tyrone Unsworth, another victim of homophobia.

Jenny Leong gave a powerful speech to a tearful and enthusiastic crowd. “I think it is crucial that we remember every time we see one of our bloody politicians out there on camera making some argument against marriage equality that what it says to all the homophobes out there is that it is okay to be homophobic, that it is okay to be discriminatory. I don’t know about you but I am not happy that our tax dollars pay for people to actually be spouting these offensive homophobic views and it’s time to stop.

“We need to call them out! Those that sit in silence, you are just as bad as Malcolm Turnbull. You watch the wind blow and wait for populist support that actually should be a basic fundamental human right. This is UNACCEPTABLE. So what do we say to those silent complacent folks that wait for majority support?

“Get stuffed, because you should be joining us here on the street speaking out for marriage equality. You should have been here a decade ago when John Howard passed this law and you should be here now! We all have had enough!”

One of the many highlights of the rally was The Safe Schools Coalition. They continue their efforts to create a safe environment for LGBTI youth within the school systems.

Tyrone’s death was a harsh reminder of the inequality still facing the community, in schools and in the government halls.

The rally then marched down Pitt Street chanting, “Gay, Straight Black or White, Marriage is a Civil Right” and ended peacefully at the mall with a synchronised musical finish by a local performer. There is hope that equality will win and one day protect the most vulnerable from being victimised.

We believe that there will be change in the government to acknowledge, Love is Love. Remember that you are loved and if you are a victim of homophobic bullies, that there is hope.

Click here and reach out to someone in the community. Tyrone Unsworth we stand for you and the many others that are victims of hate crimes. We stand together that one day very soon the pressure on the parliament will force them to step up and support these fundamental rights.

Until that day we will again shout out…. “LOVE IS LOVE”.