A great anthology of seasonally themed short stories by top class writers and all the profits go to support homeless LGBTIQ youth – don’t be a Scrooge, just buy it!

From poetry to shorts this anthology will have something for everybody. Tales of self discovery, of romance, of heartbreak and heartwarming. A strong dose of guardian angels with a side order of succubi and a vampire. Travel and snowstorms loom large as you might expect, but often with unexpected outcomes.

Not all the stories have happy endings, several leave us wanting more, and others leave the characters at the beginning of journey rather than the end. But as always our favorite writers have delivered a wide-ranging assortment that will warm the cockles of the most cynical heart.

You will recognize some, others may be new to you – but what better way to get a feel for a new author than a charitable and seasonal tale.


All profits of this anthology will be donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK and the Ali Forney Center in New York City. Both organizations provide housing for homeless LGBTIQ youth. Being a young homeless person at Christmas time must be a terrible experience, driving home quite how cut off and isolated they are. This is an excellent way to help provide housing and support.. all for just $8.


Authors: Andi Marquette, Ashley Stevens, Catherine Lane, Cheri Crystal, Cindy Rizzo, Clare Lydon, Devin Sumarno, Erzabet Bishop, Eve Francis, Fletcher DeLancey, Jae, Jean Copeland, Joan Arling, Jove Belle, L.T. Smith, Lee Lynch, Lois Cloarec Hart, Nikki Busch, Patricia Penn, R.G. Emanuelle, S. M. Harding, T.M. Croke, Wendy Temple