The Honor Series continues to pull you in, setting new challenges.

“Price of Honor” starts immediately where Book 8—“Code of Honor”—left off. Cameron Roberts is recovering from her abduction by the domestic terrorist “Patriot” group that is determined to overthrow President Andrew Powell, but the political timetable doesn’t slow down to wait for her recovery. Blair Powell has promised to support her father’s re-election campaign, and Cam is never going to leave that protection duty to anyone else.


The campaign trail starts with a meet- and- greet train journey across the US from Chicago, IL to Flagstaff, AZ. Cam knows at least one of the terrorists is still out there, still coming for them, but President Powell won’t be scared off, and Blair wont desert him. While the protection service can do everything possible to make the stops safe, they all know that the train is too vulnerable, set on a track with a published timetable.


Part of the security detail are the K9 dog teams that will sniff the venues and the train for any possible threat. We meet Dusty Nash, K9 secret service agent, and her partner Atlas, who are the subjects of a White House reporter going for the ‘human’ story line. Vivian Elliott is soon intrigued by the standoffish Nash—who only shows emotion for her adored canine buddy.


As always, Cam and Blair take center stage in the Honor Series, but their newlywed status takes second place to the political necessities. We get a glimpse of Stark and Renee's relationship and an intriguing aside about President Powell and his advisor, Luce. Radclyffe’s books wouldn’t be complete without a hot romance bubbling away beneath the action adventure and this time we are treated to a romance on the rails.


Radclyffe is master of the action-thriller series and “Price of Honor” will not disappoint her fans. With this latest chapter in the Cam and Blair saga, she continues to find new ways to threaten the principles, new ways to threaten the principles and keep us on our toes. The old familiar characters are there, but enough new blood is introduced to give it a fresh feel and open new avenues for intrigue. And as always, there’s a twist in the tale that questions, quite literally, the price of ‘honor,’ of duty, and of family.