"Undone" - E.M. HodgeIf you love women you cannot help but engage with the passion and fall in love with the words.

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, a love story from one woman t­­­­­o another. A rediscovery of emotion the author thought unobtainable, a life and passion she had despaired of achieving.

The themes are love, lust, fulfillment. Each poem a journey of expressing something heartfelt. An outpouring of wonder at the joy of rediscovery and re-emergence from a profound loneliness and desolation. We can feel the pain that has been before, and experience the rebirth, literally from darkness into light.

The language is exquisite.  Some poems are wordy – expressive torrents that wash over the reader

“The cicadas make the movie soundtrack
As we move in the way that lovers do
To heart beats and breezes
Rising and falling
And listening to the river
We flow”


Others are minimalist, where every word fulfills a paragraph of meaning and the very simplicity becomes an art-form.

Into Always”

Citadel of Me

Throughout each poem, and the collection, we experience emotional and physical ecstasy, at times almost overpowering. Deeply personal and yet made public, speaking to anyone with a romantic soul, a yearning for more.

E.M. Hodge takes hold of your heart and soul and twists them along with her angst, then releases the visceral pleasure of new love, new desire and the physical bliss of physical exploration.

She is a wordsmith of the highest order, where every word fills a place and a purpose, every phrase a rounded and well-mannered addition to the flow of feeling.

Whether you normally read poetry or not is irrelevant. This is a book for lovers, for dreamers, and most of all, for women who love women. Read it to lighten your own darkness with hope or to woo a new love with passion. Share it with your partner in bed every night. Speak it out loud and revel in the glory of a perfectly expressed emotion.

On top of me
Inside of me
My body
To be undone”