Love Always book coverA collection of essays, letters and poems exploring trans relationships and challenges.

Love Always is the first collection of writings by partners of trans people. As the visibility of trans people rises throughout the world, so does the need to hear about the experiences of their loved ones who stand by them. However, their stories have remained largely untold in the sea of media attention on trans people. This anthology begins filling that void with writings of love, struggle, growth and resilience from partners of trans people.

Love Always is a collection of partners’ essays, letters and poems that offers a deeper understanding of the unique social, emotional, sexual, legal, medical and financial challenges facing trans couples today. Contributors share their experiences of living, loving, working and raising families with partners who have undertaken gender transitions.

This book was born from the recognition that partners also transform their own while their loved ones are transitioning, and their stories need to be told.

“I have long awaited a collection like this one. I’m pleased to read one, at long last,” says Helen Boyd, author of She’s Not the Man I Married: Life With a Transgender Husband. “That it tries to represent as many of the kinds of people experiences as there are thrills me.”

Learn how partners navigate new relationship identities and dynamics, public disclosure issues, child-rearing, family, friends, and work as one (or both) partners transition. Gain a deeper understanding of how race, age, class, physical ability, religion, and sexuality affect trans couples’ decisions.

The writings gathered in Love, Always present a multidimensional portrait of the everyday lives of trans couples that offers a refreshing alternative to the narratives of tragedy and loss we often encounter in the media.

Pre-orders are available from Transgress Press at As of February 14, 2015, Love, Always will be available on, iBooks, and other online outlets.