Kristin Collier And Living Harmoniously As A TransfamilyThis new book is perfect for Transgender Awareness Month!

November is Transgender Awareness Month and what better way to raise awareness than with Kristin Collier’s new book, Housewife: Home-remaking in a Transgender Marriage.

A decade ago, Kristin’s husband told her he wanted to live the rest of his life as a woman. Kristin had her roles as a wife and mother turned upside down, and she even needed to rethink what it meant to be a woman.

Kristin’s family consists of her legally-married parenting partner Seda, her romantic partner, and two teenage boys living together harmoniously under one roof.

A recent national statistics report by Fusion highlighted there are an estimated 1.4 million transgender people in the United States, that’s a full 6% of the country’s adult population. However, the majority of these people still live invisibly amongst the rest of the population.

“There are a lot of trans people and trans families in the world who aren’t safe. Violence is born out of fear and confusion. People feel terrified when they can’t relate, and it’s going to take people sharing their stories to shift these feelings around the trans community,” Kristin says.

Housewife: Home-remaking in a Transgender Marriage will be available in mid-November.

Learn more about Kristin and her family in the video below: