Dr Kerryn Phelps

Power of Balance is the landmark memoir from Dr Kerryn Phelps AM that explores the events and ideas that have inspired her to create change throughout her lifetime.

From medicine and media to politics and activism, Dr Kerryn Phelps has led a remarkable life of change-making.

One of Australia’s first TV doctors, she has served as president of the Australian Medical Association, deputy lord mayor of Sydney, and is a key leader of Australia’s LGBT+ community.

In 2017, as she celebrated the historic marriage equality vote at Parliament House, she had no idea that she would return just one year later as a member of parliament. But when a leadership coup ousted then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, triggering a by‑election in his Wentworth seat, she ran as an independent – and won.

In her memoir, Dr Kerryn candidly details her struggles and achievements in medicine, media and politics – from the fallout of her public outing in the Australian media to her advocacy for Medevac and COVID-19 management and her inspirational role in the ‘teal’ movement of the 2022 elections.


She reflects on the ideas and passions that have motivated and sustained her during these times, including her philosophies of leadership and equality and her love of nature. Power of Balance is a compelling and thought-provoking read that will inspire the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.




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