South Of SunshineEverything is preachy-keen in Sunshine, a small town that’s big on homogeny—but not on homosexuality.

For The Brady Bunch brood, a sunshine day is cause for celebration. For seventeen-year-old Kaycee McCoy, a Sunshine gay is a cause célèbre.

That’s because Sunshine, Tennessee, is a town as single-minded as a caller at a square dance. Here, being queer is a do-si-don’t.

Kaycee doesn’t mind keeping her identity confined. In fact, that’s the way she likes it. But Kaycee and the Sunshine-banned homosexuality are about to be challenged—by Bren Dawson, the new girl in town.

 With her certitude, fortitude, and secular sex appeal, Bren is a biracial boi wonder. Like Kaycee, she’s not exactly singing from the same him sheet—er, hymn sheet—as everyone else. While other parishioners are belting out Here I Am, Lord, Kaycee and Bren are vocalizing, Queer I Am, Lord.

But Kaycee isn’t ready to welcome anyone else into their congre-gay-tion. So what happens when the gospel truth of their relationship is revealed? Will Bren become the new kid on the chopping block? Or will she and Kaycee find the courage to turn homecoming into homecoming out?

Clothed with strength and dignity, the characters in this novel provide proverbial wisdom without an odor of sanctity.

…Or an iota of surprise. The story unfolds with the predictability of a church service, which won’t have you walking on sunshine.

But author Dana Elmendorf won’t have you walking out on Sunshine either. She’s written a gaily devotional, reminding readers that pride is not a sin—although sometimes, in some places, it’s not easy as piety to embrace pride when it’s of the gay variety.

In summary, queer’s the story of a lovely lady (and her lovely lady friend). Read the good book.