South Of Sunshine

South Of Sunshine By Dana Elmendorf

Everything is preachy-keen in Sunshine, a small town that's big on homogeny—but not on homosexuality.

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Great Bravura By Jill Dearman

The Great Bravura By Jill Dearman

Prose and conjurers link like a magician's rings in this tale of midcentury mysticism. Now you “seer,” now you don't!

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A Sleek Historical Lesbian Novel: 'Juliana' By Vanda

Juliana By Vanda Is A Historic Queer Novel

In this historical queer novel, a cosmopolitan nightclub singer takes note of an aspiring actress. Will the ingenue take her LGBT cue from the worldly warbler?

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Book Cover of Club Storyville by Riley LaShea

Club Storyville By Riley LaShea

When a young woman develops an attraction to her grandmother's caregiver, will she nurse her crush? Or will she forfeit her feelings in favour of the fundamentals of femininity in the 1940s?

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Tangled Roots

Tangled Roots By Marianne K. Martin

Anna and Nessie are colorblind in a world where the emancipation of blacks still has whites seeing red.

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What We Left Behind By Robin Talley

Gretchen is the good-bi girl. Bi as in binary. Her girlfriend Toni wants to bypass the gender binary altogether, and Gretchen wants to be totally supportive.

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The U-Haul Diary By K.B. Draper

A young woman's so-called love life is crazy sexy, but will she find the TLC?

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The Revelation Of Beatrice Darby By Jean Copeland

Beatrice Darby may work in a library, but she doesn't do anything by the book.

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Jam on the Vine

Jam On the Vine By LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Sometimes the only way to right wrongs is to write about them...

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The Girls of Usually by Lori Horvitz

The Girls Of Usually By Lori Horvitz

When you date women who are out of it, you get some good stories.

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