book cover Amazon Companion by Robin RoseauA gripping fantasy with valiant Amazons, dark demons and a schoolmarm. Robyn Roseau has created a wonderful world where the Amazons are so successful the demons have fled and locals have forgotten their contact to tithe – recruits.

Award-winning author Robin Roseau has gifted us with a tall tale where Amazons valiantly keep invading demons from the villages of Morehama. And those women are very successful. In fact, they are too successful in their fight because for the longest time no demon has been seen rampaging through the villages well back from the frontier.


“No danger, no tithe” is what the council of Elders in Gallen’s Cove has decided, arguing with the Amazons for the longest time. It’s easy to talk when nothing threatens you, right? But now their time is up: After many years, the Amazons come to town to enforce the old treaties. They are owed supplies and … Amazon recruits!


Maya Softpeace, the local schoolteacher, is no compliant, old schoolmarm. Oh no, she is the only one standing up against this outrage and ends up being a tribute to no less than the Amazon queen. More nilly than willy she is dragged along and the fun starts. She may not be the world’s most accomplished fighter, but the most stubborn person all around.


Robin Roseau avoids the pitfall of setting the Amazon tale in a pseudo-Greco-Roman world. She creates Morehama. The details of this fantasy world and the main and secondary characters are very well done and engaging. So much so that a sequel would be most welcome, to hear even more tales about those demon fighters. New twists and turns keep readers on their toes – and just wait until you meet the first demon! And not only is this story worth its money, but it is also satisfyingly long with a word count of about 140,000, which provides ample opportunity for the story and character development.