Smoke And Fire by Julie Cannon

This book is more than a romance. It is uplifting in a very down-to-earth way and inspires hope through hard-won battles where neither woman is prepared to give up.

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Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey

Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge By Fletcher DeLancey

Become part of Alsea, an amazing world where the world's leader meets the challenge of a stubborn farmer.

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Jane Waterton’s “Times Of Our Lives”

There can be a vibrant lesbian life after retirement.

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Cantor Gold Returns In Ann Aptaker's Tarnished Gold

Tarnished Gold By Ann Aptaker

This "noir" page-turner is set in New York City's art world in the 1950s.

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All The Little Moments By G. Benson

Parenting 101 for a reluctant aunt who needs to raise her brother's kids.

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Book Cover for Making a Comeback By Julie Blair

Making A Comeback By Julie Blair

A romance delicately balancing despair and loss.

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Book Cover for Come to My Window By Mia Kerick

Come To My Window By Mia Kerick

A young adult fiction on the early struggles and first love...

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Book Cover for Homecoming

Homecoming By Susan X. Meagher

A lesbian romance for those longing for a slow exploration of mutual attraction.

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The Affair By Cori Kane

Two people come together, they are married to different people but begin to question their happiness...

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The Affair by Cori Kane

A compelling story of two people who are stuck in their marriages and start to question their future happiness when they come together.

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