Book Cover for Cake By Jove BelleA humorous lesbian romance with hot erotic moments.

Jove Belle’s new novella, Cake, intertwines complicated family dynamics with a steamy hook-up at a wedding that swiftly turns into the possibility of something more. When the bride’s ex, Elana, decides to make an appearance on the big day, she encounters the groom’s sister Kelly, a drop-dead gorgeous, professional pastry chef who has established a solid career specializing in cake-making.

Kelly is there more to fulfil familial obligation than by choice, having been pressed into service by her brother David, the groom, to make the epic confection for the last-minute, hastily planned ceremony.

The sparks that fly between Kelly and Elana during the ceremony only manage to intensify during the reception, until both are left frantically seeking the nearest storage room they can find lest they be arrested for indecent exposure on the dance floor. Jove’s highly descriptive phrasing really serves to establish a scene and places the reader right in the moment with the characters, which had me eagerly flipping for the next page throughout the story.

When Kelly and Elana are in that storage room, by the time their tension begins to spill over into passion and Elana says, “I want this, Kelly”, we definitely want this too.

The tone of the story is that of a warmly humorous romance with some heavily descriptive erotic moments that definitely bring the reader along for the ride.

Despite the fairly serious themes of family loyalty and soulful connection that Jove gives voice to, the story is conveyed with an underlying sense of humour and satire.

The fact that Kelly has to make a difficult choice in the end between remaining loyal to a family that has historically not supported her, and pursuing the very obvious spark and connection that she has with Elana by no means pulls the story out of the light of romance category that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon read.

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