She Said Lenny by Kate Hewlett

Short Film Review: She Said Lenny

Sometimes the man of your dreams, isn't!

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Till Human Voices Wake Us by Patti Davis

Till Human Voices Wake Us By Patti Davis

What constitutes a family? "Families are formed and re-formed for many different reasons.If one is lucky, the family they're part of has been formed from love."

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Map For Love - Chile

Film Review: Map For Love

There are so many things wrong with this Chilean film and not a lot that’s right.

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When Women Were Warriors by Catherine Wilson

When Women Were Warriors By Catherine Wilson

Audio Book:This is a good fantasy novel about a young girl growing up in a sisterhood of warriors. There is war, romance, bickering, jealousy, loss, and loyalty

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Book Cover for Bridge Over Sorrows by Q. C. Masters

Bridge Over Sorrows By Q. C. Masters

Mati and Cheryl (who is pregnant with their daughter, Olivia) have stopped for refreshments, and Mati accidently backs over a motorcycle belonging to a motorcycle gang member. Instead of staying at the scene, Mati panics and takes off with Cheryl...

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Short Film: Quiet

Quiet, at a little over 30 minutes, is one of those films that gets in your emotional psyche and doesn’t let go.

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