Kissing Jessica Stein

Film Review: Kissing Jessica Stein

Fed Up With Men--Date a Woman! Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt

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empty sky

Short Film: Empty Sky

Empty Sky” is a short film about Samantha McDonnell and Taylor Pershing. Samantha moves to the small town where Taylor lives in her senior year in high school.

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The Water Mosaic by Denice Finnegan

You're never too old to experience healing.

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The Mindfulness Diaries: How I Survived My First Nine-Day Silent Meditation Retreat by Jennifer Howd

Could you be completely silent for nine days?

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More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

Film Review: More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

Enchanting ten year-old Freddie, with special needs, brings his burdened but devoted mother, Samantha, and new comer Max together, where they discover love and passion, a salve to their deep wounds as characterized by the Japanese term "Kintsukuroi" - more beautiful for having been broken.

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They: A Biblical Tale of Secret Genders - Janet Mason

They: A Biblical Tale Of Secret Genders By Janet Mason

Tamar leads us through their world with intelligence and humour, bringing the old tales to life and making them accessible to the contemporary reader.

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Short Film: AWOL

“AWOL” is the story of a young woman, Joey, who comes home for Christmas before being deployed to Afghanistan

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Still from Anatomy of a Love Seen

Does True Love Really Exist?

Anatomy of a Love Scene

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She Said Lenny by Kate Hewlett

Sometimes the man of your dreams, isn't!

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