The Quiet Charm Of Queer Berlin

An enticing city with a laid-back attitude, Berlin reveals some of its secrets to women only.

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If You See Something, Say Something, Part II

It appears my previous post about intimate partner violence (IPV) hit a painful chord.

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If You See Something, Say Something

I've sloughed off several lovers in my life because of the bad—and often abusive—treatment at the hands of these so-called girlfriends.

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Stephanie Schroeder's hooked-up blog

Dodging The Urge To U-Haul

Stephanie Schroeder's hooked-up blog on Curve Mag

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Stephanie Schroeder's hooked-up blog

Nothing Less Than Wonderful

My girlfriend and I have decided—or perhaps we decided somewhat by default quite a while ago, which is why we are still together—we don't need a relationship that is less than wonderful. 

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Stephanie Schroeder's hooked-up blog

A Sexy Redhead?

Read the latesest Blog By Stephanie Schroeder

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Kitchen Table Women of Color Press2

Is Lesbian Culture Obsolete?

A recent Telegraph article referred to as the “female sperm” news, has got the lesbian community buzzing about creating families without bio-men, exalted as a lifelong lesbian dream come true, getting lesbians excited about being “baby daddies”, etc.

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Hands-On Healing By Lisa B O’Shea

An Eastern practice gave Lisa O'Shea the energy she was seeking.

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My Optical Allusion

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This Is What a Lesbian Looks Like: Ks Stevens

The lesbian playwrite on diversity, the theater and her latest play.

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