Tops vs Bottoms

Tops Vs Bottoms: What To Do if You Are Each The Same

It turns out that the term versatile is often paired with the term top or bottom to define someone who is open to being flexible in their role, which often occurs when two parties normally hold similar roles and need to bend a little (pun intended).

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Sex Toy Review: The Satisfyer

Why the Satisfyer is flying off shelves around the world.

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Six Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Strap-On

Six Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Strap-On

Because they ain't cheap, and your pleasure is important.

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Ex Girlfriend

Is It Truly Possible To Remain Friends With An Ex?

Anything is possible, but what does it really take?

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2 women lying in bed

5 Tips For Avoiding Lesbian Bed Death

What to do when sex becomes Priority #703

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woman typing on laptop

A Conversation Can Move Mountains

Business Owner Apologizes for Homophobic Comments

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young and old hand

6 Tips For Surviving An Age Gap

What to do when cupid pairs you with someone years apart.

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