Denise Ho

Modern Suffragette

Cantopop princess Denise Ho never came out to her parents, but in 2012 she made a snap decision to come out to the world. Today she’s a frontline LGBTQ activist in Hong Kong, leading the charge for democracy and human rights

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Roxanne Gay

Roxane Gay is Not That Bad

Like her or loathe her, most people know the name Roxane Gay.

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Ollie Henderson

Girl Next Door – Ollie Henderson

When Ollie Henderson answered the phone for this interview, she had just arrived home from an asylum seeker protest in Sydney, Australia.

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Mianne Bagger

Mastering Her Game – How Golfer Mianne Bagger Went Pro

As seen in our Winter issue!

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Kerryn Phelps

Kerryn Phelps And Jackie Stricker-Phelps Marry In A Religious Ceremony

The high profile couple have married each other three times in two decades ­– twice in New York, now once at home.

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