The Daily Telegraph released statistics about health risks for young people and included same-sex attraction as an illness.

The latest Daily Telegraph newspaper came with a sprinkle of homophobia and a dash of ignorance. With a headline reading “Fat Chance of Being Healthy” the article was targeting the youth of today and how they “have no one to blame but themselves” for their health issues.

Following that introduction were multiple statistics about today’s youth and their involvement with illicit drugs, alcohol abuse, mental health issues, obesity and, to top it all off, sexual orientation. Thousands of people have taken to social media, outraged that this type of homophobic behaviour is tolerated in a multi-million dollar company, let alone allowed to be printed.

Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, and NSW Greens spokesperson on Sexuality and Gender Identity has condemned the article in the July 12 Daily Telegraph which includes same-sex attraction in young people as ‘unhealthy’. She has made a formal complaint to the Australian Press Council.

“The portrayal of same-sex attracted young people in today’s Daily Telegraph as a ‘health concern’ is nothing short of blatant vilification”, she said. “Given the high risk of mental health challenges LGBTIQ young people face as a result of discrimination and bullying in our society, this graphic in the Daily Telegraph today is appalling.”

“The real health threat for LGBTIQ young people is the vile, homophobic, transphobic and queerphobic attacks promulgated by some media commentators, politicians and so-called community leaders.” She said. “The Greens stand by young people and will defend their right to live free from discrimination and vilification.

I look forward to standing with people who share this view at a snap action outside the Daily Telegraph offices in the electorate of Newtown tomorrow. There should be no place for homophobic journalism in today’s society – and there should certainly be repercussions for any company that chooses to publish these offensive views.”

The NSW Young Greens have called a lunchtime snap action outside the Daily Telegraph offices in Surry Hills at 12:30pm on Thursday the 13th of July to protest the blatant queerphobia displayed in the July 12 edition of the Daily Telegraph.