beyondblue's BeyondNow App- Support In Tough TimesTime and again, studies have shown LGBTQ+ women to be at higher risk of mental health issues like depression, anxiety and suicide. It’s important we make full use of any resources available to help us through.

Sometimes, life can be overwhelming, and suicide can seem like the only way to end the pain. If you or someone close to you is experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, safety planning can help you get through those moments.

So, what is a safety plan? It’s a structured plan that you work through when you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis. It helps you to stay safe in those times when you are overwhelmed and can’t think straight.


beyondblue has created an app called BeyondNow to help you create your own step-by-step safety plan.

It starts with identifying things you can do by yourself, such as thinking about your reasons to live and distracting yourself with enjoyable activities. The app promotes creating a safe environment and encourages making a list of people you can contact for support – your friends, family, your counsellor or a GP.

BeyondNow is designed to support anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion or cultural background. beyondblue has collaborated with many health experts, including LGBTI support services to explore ways that BeyondNow can be a helpful resource for their clients.

Andrew Badcock, LGBTI Mental Health Project Officer has found that “sometimes I will work with someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts from the unfair judgment and isolation they’ve faced because of their sexuality, body, or gender identity. BeyondNow provides a blueprint to recognise and include the unique experiences in people’s lives that help them in times of a crisis to strengthen their identity.”

To help promote mental health awareness, beyondblue has created a short video to highlight how safety planning can better support people in LGBTI communities.

The BeyondNow app puts your safety plan within reach so you can access and edit it at any time if you need it.

Download the BeyondNow app and create a safety plan today.

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