puppypexelsIt’s not the doggone end ““ try these tips to win her round

You want a dog. Nights are spent dreaming of romps in the park with your furry companion and you’re firmly convinced that the saying actually goes “A dog is a woman’s best friend.” The problem? Your girlfriend hates them.  Ok, hate is a strong word, but she could happily live her life without a companion of the four-legged variety.  Before throwing caution to the wind, purchasing an adorable pup, and possibly starting World War III with your better half, try these tips.

Tip #1:  Repetition is the key to success.

Phase one of “Operation Get a Pooch” involves a subtle mind-game.  Every time you pass a dog in the street, ‘Ohhhhh’ and ‘Ahhhhh’ to your heart’s content.  With a dreamy smile on your face, tell your lady love that the little furball prancing down the sidewalk is the cutest you’ve ever seen.  If you’re feeling especially daring then stop for a moment and give the little guy a pat on the head.  This tip is a double hitter. Not only will she see how happy a little pup would make you, but she’ll also see how freaking adorable you look petting one.  Sure, not all dogs are exactly dog show material, but your willingness to interact with the homeless man’s mutt will prove to your girl that you have a heart of gold.  Do this every time the two of you pass a dog on the street and she just might get so tired of stopping that she’ll cave and buy you a pooch on the spot.  If for some reason she seems immune to your charm, move to phase two.

Tip #2: Make outrageous promises.

So you probably won’t pick up every single piece of poop to ever leave the adorable rear end of your future pet.  And maybe there will be a time or two when you aren’t the one taking your furry friend on the daily walk, but these are all based on the best of intentions, right?

Tip #3: Flattery will get you everywhere.

So she hasn’t fallen for your cuteness or alleged promises?  It’s time to bring out the big guns.  Tell her how sexy and butch she would look walking a pit bull down the street.  Your future pooch’s muscles would perfectly compliment hers.  It would be a match made in lesbian/dog heaven.  If your girl is more of the femme type then subtly place pictures of Paris Hilton with her numerous chihuahuas around the flat.  Convince her that she would look flawless and so unbelievably hot with a miniature dog of her own.  Keep this up for a few days and she will undoubtedly find herself nodding when you ask if the two of you can get a furry friend.

Tip #4: Cuteness overload.

If all of the above has failed then break out the childhood photos.  Remember Sparky from when you were three years old?  It’s time for your girlfriend to meet him. Scrounge up all the old photos you can find and stage an intervention with your other half.  No one can resist an adorable child/puppy combo.


If you still find yourself poochless after implementing all of these tips then your girlfriend is heartless.  Ok, not really. Maybe it just isn’t meant to be and you are destined to live a life without the love of a furry companion… Who am I kidding?  You should probably get on your knees and beg.