How Well Do You Know Your Pet?
Carol Gurney

Carol Gurney comes to Melbourne to teach us about animal communication.

It happens to most of us – that moment when you realise your pet needs something and you just know what it is. Suddenly you just know Charlie is thirsty, and indeed, her water bowl is empty. Or you think “Daisy has to go out” and when you look over, there she is, standing by the door ready to go.

But just how, exactly, did you know this? Carol Gurney, one of the foremost experts in the world of Animal Communication, has the answer: “Our animals are telling us by using their own natural language. They can send us thoughts, images and feelings – they are quite good at letting us know what they need.”

Since 1986, Carol has taught thousands of people how to communicate with animals. “We are all born with this ability,” Carol explains. “We just don’t realise the messages our animals send us are real; we often just think of them as our own thoughts.”

Some people think that you need to be ‘gifted’ to connect with animals in this way. In fact, everyone has the ability to communicate telepathically, but we have just forgotten how. “People are often intimidated by the term ‘telepathy’,” Carol explains. “All it means is a heightened ability to use the abilities we already have – recovering the language of telepathy we knew as children.

So, how can Animal Communication help you to get to know your animal better? It allows us to have a direct two-way conversation with our animals and ask them about their health, behaviour, needs, likes, and dislikes. But, how do we actually ask our animals a question? It is easier than you might imagine. We simply think the thought clearly in our minds without distraction – “share with me what your favourite activities are”. We then allow the question to be sent to her from our hearts and we simply wait for the information to come back from her. We might receive the message in a myriad of ways – for example, a picture of her running or a thought about how much she loves the beach.

Carol Gurney is an author, speaker and internationally renowned Animal Communicator. She is the first to offer a fully comprehensive training program at The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication – a non-profit organisation with the mission of bringing greater respect and understanding for animals.

If you want to make a deeper connection with your animal and get to know them even better, Carol is coming to Melbourne.

Workshop and Program

Date and Time:

2-day Introductory Animal Communication Workshop on 16-17 May
7-day Training Program Workshop on 18-24 May
Location: CERES Environment Park – Van Raay Centre, Brunswick East, Melbourne
Cost: Introductory Workshop: Both days US $375 (until Feb 21, US $425 thereafter)
Training Program Workshop: Seven days US $1800 (until Feb 21, US $2000 thereafter)
Register at or contact Lesley, our Workshop Coordinator at 0429496240 or email her at [email protected].