Labrador is getting a Pet MassagePets of all sizes can benefit from massage especially those suffering from joint issues such as arthritis.

Massage can have great health and psychological benefits for pets of all ages, sizes and breed. Whilst there are some professionals trained in pet massage, it is something that you can do daily, easily and at no cost at home to improve your pet’s wellbeing.

Massage has a variety of benefits from the mechanical effect on soft tissues. It helps to relieve muscle tension, decrease pain, stimulate circulation and improve lymph flow. Massage may also help to lower blood pressure, improve immune function and stimulate digestion. It helps to reduce stress in anxious pets and massaging your own pet can help to improve the bond between you and your pet.

Massage is particularly beneficial for pets with arthritis, muscle stiffness and those recovering from injuries. It helps to maintain mobility and flexibility in pets that need to be confined after surgery or due to injury. Working and competitive dogs will benefit from massage to help to prevent injury and improve recovery.

Whilst there are specialised pet massage techniques, you don’t need any training to start massaging your pet. Treat your pet as you would do a human. Work along the lines of the muscles and pay special attention to areas where the muscles feel stiff and tense. Common areas of tension are the neck, lower back, lumbar area and also the triceps muscles (back part of the upper arm). You need to start very gently and not cause any pain or discomfort to your pet. For some pets, especially cats and frail dogs, very little pressure is required.

Our pets are super lucky as every pet has an owner who can be their own personal live-in masseur! The benefits do go both ways as whilst you massage your pet you may find your own stress levels reducing and blood pressure dropping. If you would like guidance on how to best perform massage techniques for your pet find a vet or therapist with an interest in massage or physical therapies to help you.