black and white cat
Charlotte is an amazing cat

Beautiful one-year-old, Charlotte, is an exceptional feline, looking for a forever home to share with her brother Steve.

The Cat Protection Society of NSW are lucky enough to get to know some extraordinary felines and Charlotte is one such amazing cat who has inspired everyone with her perseverance.

As a kitten Charlotte suffered from a virus that affected the development of her cerebellum causing Ataxia, meaning that her movement is uncoordinated and making her appear wobbly.

This hasn’t slowed Charlotte down, she still loves to play and her sweet nature has captured everyone’s hearts. Charlotte came to them along with her mother and littermates, who were looked after by one of their devoted foster carers until they were ready for adoption. Steve is a big support for his sister and they share a very special bond. Charlotte and Steve are one year old, both are incredibly affectionate and happy to curl up on the nearest lap. These inseparable siblings are searching for a forever home together where they can play to their heart’s content and then snuggle down together when they’ve worn themselves out.

Charlotte is just one of the many cats they have helped in the past year and while some cats need special veterinary care, most of their cats and kittens are in great health and the only ‘medicine’ they need is a loving home!

As a charity, they rely on the generosity of our donors, members and sponsors as well as the tireless efforts of their volunteers to provide the best possible care for the cats and kittens in the shelter and to assist with much-needed support for cats in the community.

Their subsidised desexing programs make a profound contribution to improving feline welfare by limiting overpopulation and their free education programs help to ensure cat ownership is loving and responsible. Your generosity means that they can continue to help thousands of cats each year.

They are a registered charity, endorsed for tax-deductible donations, so while you’re getting ready for tax time, please consider a donation to help cats like sweet Charlotte.

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For more information visit our website or call them on 9519 7201.