Sandra-BernhardSandra Bernhard is the guest on Alec Mapa: Hot Mess with Matthew Dempsey Psychotherapist where she opens up to Alec and Matthew about the many layers of parenthood, why she decided to become a mom later in life —  and how it changed her overall mindset.

How does being a parent magnify who you really are?

In this week’s episode, Alec and Matthew breakdown the psychology of what it means to be a parent and shed light on the layers parenthood with comedian and actress Sandra Bernhard.

The outspoken actress reveals her selfless parenting style as a famous mom and how she was able to balance her family life and career.  Sandy is working from her home recording her radio show but says she misses interacting with people on the road.  Her 22-year-old daughter is back at home and admits it’s a learning process being under one roof as a family during quarantine.

Alec shares his own personal journey navigating his way through parenthood and recounts the adoption process with his husband for his son Zion.  Sandra, who plays the compassionate role of Nurse Judy on “Pose”, reveals the surprising way she got the role and describes the overwhelming feeling of playing a character who hits close to home for her.

Sandra opens up about why she chose to become a mother later in life at 43 years old:

“I just felt like it was something that I wanted to experience I thought that I’d be very sad and that I had missed out on it… and I just seized the opportunity and went for it, and I’m so glad that I did.”

Sandra reveals how she actually schmoozed her way to getting the role of Nurse Judy on Pose: “I’m Friends with Judith Light, she was on our flight from LA to NY and Steven Canals and Our Lady J were on the flight …. by the time we got to the luggage carousel I said to them, I said ‘I don’t know if there’s anything that you’re writing or any characters… of course I’d love to be on the show, and they just happen to be casting Nurse Judy that week, so they went back and spoke with Ryan Murphy and he said ‘done’ — and that’s how it all happened.”

Find out Sandra’s “Hot message” of the day and how Alec was brainwashed by Lesbians!  Say what now?

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