A new queer sci-fi/comedy fiction podcast Starship Q Star, created by real-life couple and co-writers Meegan May & Lauren Anderson.

When a tone-deaf space agency sends the “first all non-men crew” on a PR mission to Mars, they inadvertently end up being the last six humans in the universe. Led by Co-Captains (and exes) Aurelia and Sim; Starship Q Star follows this extremely queer crew on their quest across the galaxy to find a new home.

Told over six half-hour episodes, Starship Q Star features a diverse cast of actors and comedians, including Annie Lumsden (Why Are You Like This, one half of comedy duo Annie & Lena) as Aurelia, Andrea Mendez (Glitch, Theatre Works’ Wellbless) as Sim, and supporting characters by Lena Moon (the other half of Annie & Lena, The Emu War), Sunanda (MICF Best Newcomer nominee), Isha Menon (Red Stich’s Fast Food), Scott Limbrick playing the last cis man in the galaxy (MICF The Last Blockbuster on Earth), and a guest appearance by Ben Russell (Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun).

Inspired by the viral news story about a NASA proposal of all-woman teams to prevent sex and relationships (yes, seriously), Lauren and Meegan describe the show as if “Star Trek and The L Word had a weird, hilarious audio baby.”

The Q in Starship Q Star is obviously for queer, but a fun fact: a Q Star is also a kind of black hole. Isn’t space unique?!

With silly aliens, crazy adventures, and a complicated queer love web, Starship Q Star is a fun sci-fi comedy told through a distinctly queer lens. The trailer and Episodes 1 and 2 are now available on your favourite podcast player.

For where to listen, please visit: starshipqstar.com/listen


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