Tune in to new series, Disengaged.

Remember when love won last year? That is, remember when same-sex marriage was passed on June 26, 2015? Well, Emmy-nominated web short, Disengaged will definitely remind you of the joys, pitfalls and possibilities of that new legislation.

Disengaged, from new video company Super Deluxe, currently has the pilot of eleven episodes available online—the plot revolves around the maybe wedding between two women, Jules and Sidney.

The hilarious comedy brings in really cool intersections like feminism and sexual fluidity, and really shows what it’s like to be in a queer relationship in society today. Not to mention, the complications of preparing for a same-sex wedding. The interesting part about the series is that it really makes you think about marriage. For some couples, being in love is enough and there’s no need to get married, but the plot examines the responsibility Jules and Sidney feel because same-sex marriage was passed. After 7 years together should they get married or break up?

It really makes you think about life as a queer woman, and how the world around you has changed, and how situations are different for each individual. The thing is: these are tough women, who know how to stand up for themselves and realize that things are really not that different just because it’s a same-sex marriage, which I think is really great. 

Nomination voting for the Emmys is currently underway, and Disengaged is under consideration to be an Emmy nominee in the Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series category, and the Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series category (both Tullock and Utt have shots at a nomination). This will be the first time ever that the Television Academy recognizes the short form series. Nominees will be announced on July 14. 

Queer shorts provide great visibility for the LGBTQ community; so nominations for an Emmy would be a great honor for all of us, not just the Disengaged team.

Disengaged is available for free on YouTube through Super Deluxe, a channel of all different shorts and original content.

Watch the 8-minute pilot