I didn’t know, I am sorry. I was grateful for the opportunity, but I’ll delete the post now

Paris Jackson has come under fire from LGBTQ+ followers after appearing on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore – a country in which same-sex marriage and sex is illegal.

An opinion piece published by Gay Star News reads: “I’m in awe of [Paris’s] bravery when it comes to talking about her mental health. … As such, it’s with great respect and caution that I’m now going to call Paris’s LGBTI advocacy into question.

“Yesterday, she posted her latest magazine cover, the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, on Instagram. The hypocrisy is absurd.”

Continuing, the opinion piece reads: “Paris makes no reference to the fact that same-sex sex is illegal in Singapore, and punishable by up to two years in prison. Nor does the magazine in its Instagram post, but that doesn’t surprise me.”

Responding, Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, wrote on Twitter:

“I didn’t know, I am sorry. I was grateful for the opportunity, but I’ll delete the post now. I don’t want to be hypocritical or hurt anyone, and my support for my fellow LGBTQ+ community comes first before my love for fashion and gratitude for this opportunity. Again, I’m sorry.”

“I would like to add though that someone that is openly a part of the community being on the cover in a country against the community, should be celebrated. Isn’t that a step forward? Again, I am deeply sorry. I didn’t mean to be hypocritical or hurt anyone.”

She added, in response to the GSN piece: “Also that article is ridiculously mean.”

Ending his article, Gay Star New’s Jamie Tabberer writes: “Put simply, I don’t believe LGBTI allies or LGBTIs should be granting exclusives to publications in such countries.

“I’m sure Paris couldn’t give a damn what I think. But for the record, I’m not trying to trash her. I just want to know if she considers consenting to this cover a mistake.”

According to the organisation, Human Rights Watch, the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore are severely curtailed: sexual relations between men remains a criminal offense, and there are no legal protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Over the weekend, Paris responded to a fan and member of the LGBTQ+ community who assured her she thought the magazine cover was “an achievement”:

“They will find anything to try to attack my integrity and character. Whenever I do something positive they always twist it.

“The tabloids and media have been like this for decades and decades, it’s very sad.”