weheartiticecreamA new social network champions live and let love.

Almost every day, LGBT rights make an advance—the latest with the same-sex marriage ban in Kentucky now struck down. With approval for marriage equality at a record 59%, it seems that Americans are getting behind the advancement of LGBT rights.

Helping us is the Internet and social media, where LGBT-friendly memes and inspirational mottos are circulating at a rapid viral pace. Social media is becoming the frontier where attitudes are evolving most quickly, and users of the social network, We Heart It, have come together in using the power of imagery to express themselves and their own beliefs.

We Heart It, the tagline is “Believe, Feel, Love, Be, Create, Inspire.” It has compiled the top 15 inspirational images from its users to help visualize acceptance and gay advocacy through positive and expressive images.

And in those 15 images are plenty of lesbian-proud images, too. Go to www.weheartit.com or click on the links below for our favourites to view all the images.