megan_foxMegan Fox is the gift that keeps on giving.

Megan Fox is the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether she said no to Transformers 3, or they dropped her hot bod, this should be the time that she keeps her mouth shut and maybe does an indie film – if she wants to pursue that ‘real actress’ dream she keeps yapping about.

Instead, Miss Fox did a sexy lesbionic shoot with a shop dummy for Interview magazine and provided some of her world-famous Mensa worthy quotables for the article.

According to Megan, she doesn’t have chronic foot-in-mouth disease.

No, all the dumbass things she says are just part of her plan to confuse the media.

Yeah I always knew the girl was a genius.

She is dating Brian Austin Green and I’m sure all the conversations that they have while paps snap them at the beach are, like, totally cerebral.