London’s go-to girl bar just got a whole new look.

Any London lesbian or bisexual woman worth her salt has partied hard at SHE bar. It is an institution on the LGBT scene – the only London venue dedicated to women who love women (I know!) tucked away in the beating heart of Soho.

I was invited to a sneaky preview of their new makeover, which has a fresh, modern vibe and feels oodles bigger.

There’s gorgeous, minxy naked girl art on the walls courtesy of The Line Girl and plenty of sofas for a cheeky snog or collapsing post-rave.

I had a chat to some of the other SHE-loving ladies and asked them for their fondest memories there:

“I got naked here!” one woman howls with laughter. “We did a bin bag fashion show and I ended up with a strip of duct tape on my boobs and a bin bag mini. My girlfriend was completely topless!”

Another met her girlfriend here:

“I was determined not to get into another relationship but then my friend introduced us and…” she tails off with a smile.

Other women talk about the importance of having a safe space for women to kick back and be themselves, free from letchy stares or judgement. Amy, SHE’s long-time DJ says it’s “the people, it’s all about the people. They give this place an amazing atmosphere.” Having met some of the clientele tonight, I’m inclined to agree.

Just before I leave one of the bar staff calls out to a colleague:

“We were meant to have drunk 17 bottles by now but we’re already at 25! What happened?”

“Lesbians love drinking!” comes the hollered reply.

I have no doubt that women will carry on drinking, falling in love, getting naked and generally having a bloody good knees-up in this new-look bar with an old soul*.


*As always, please love yourself and drink responsibly.