Francois Hollande
The bill still needs to be signed by President Francois Hollande

France will be the 14th country to legalise same-sex marriage.

After months of angry protesting France has passed a bill to allow same-sex attracted people to marry.

Frances lower house adopted a bill legalising same-sex marriage and for gay couples to adopt.  The bill was approved with a vote of 331 – 225.

It is not over yet, the bill still needs to be signed by President  Francois Hollande and will face a challenge in Frances Constitutional Council.

Immediately after the vote had been passed opponents of the bill had already lodged a legal challenge with the council.

Senators from the main opposition UMP and other right-wing parties said “the definition of marriage, a fundamental principle… cannot be modified by a simple law”.

There was a multitude of celebrations in the streets for this historic moment however the event was also darkened with protesters against same-sex marriage making sure their voices were heard.

These protesters are hoping that with enough pressure in the coming month Hollande will back down from signing the bill.

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets in recent months to oppose the bill, in demonstrations that have occasionally spilled over into violence.