Vietnam joins the fight for marriage equalityA senior minister in the Vietnamese government is campaigning for Marriage Equality.

The Vietnamese communist party is considering introducing same sex marriage rights – the move may surprise some, considering communism’s long history of atrocity against homosexuality.

The Justice Ministry’s proposal to include same-sex couples in its overhaul of the country’s marriage law will come before the National Assembly next year. Vietnamese gay rights activists say that the fact the the government is even considering this proposal is a surprise. 

Speaking to AAP,  Vien Tanjung  a gay rights activist commented:

“I think everyone is surprised, even if it’s not successful it’s already making history. For me, personally, I think it’s going to go through.”

“I think, as far as human rights are concerned, it’s time for us to look at the reality,” Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong said on July 24 in an online chat broadcast on national TV and radio. “The number of homosexuals has mounted to hundreds of thousands. It’s not a small figure. They live together without registering marriage. They may own property. We, of course, have to handle these issues legally.”

Eleven countries have legalized same sex marriage, the first being the Netherlands in 2001.