The Prime Minister has not yet condemned Queensland backbencher George Christensen’s homophobic speech.

Thursday saw more attacks on the Safe Schools Program from government officials.

Queensland backbencher George Christensen claimed to the House of Representatives that the Safe Schools program promotes and recommends pornographic content, information about sex toys, sex clubs, and sadomasochism.

He said, “If parents knew their children were being exposed to this type of material, they would probably not let them go to school. If someone proposed exposing a child to this material, the parents would probably call the police because it sounds a lot like the grooming work that a sexual predator might undertake.” He went on, “If a man exposed a child to these websites, sex clubs, sex shops and online communities on the internet we would call this a paedophile grooming a victim.”

It didn’t take long for others to defend the Safe Schools program and condemn Christensen’s words.

Greens sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said, “To compare a program that’s about helping young people to ‘grooming’ is utterly reprehensible. It’s profoundly offensive and deeply hurtful. The Prime Minister should condemn this homophobia, rather than indulging it through this senseless investigation into Safe Schools.”

Labor MP Tim Watts called on Malcolm Turnbull to “show some leadership and put an end to this vilification of the LGBTI community.”

The Prime Minister has yet to condemn Christensen, instead saying the Safe Schools program needs to be discussed using “very measured language" and "consider very carefully the impact of the words they use on young people and on their families.” He added, “Every single one of us is absolutely resolutely opposed to bullying of children of any kind.”